“Even if you have an interest and some experience, you have more options when you have an education.”

In their late twenties, Tracy and his wife decided to pursue a career change. Tracy had fond memories of his younger years as an Air Force brat, so together, he and his wife decided to apply. Mrs. Buchanan was accepted, but due to his hearing, Tracy could not enlist. Thus began his life as a military spouse.

The Buchanans’ first assignment was at an Air Force Base in England. From there, they transferred to Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, where Tracy’s wife received a commissioning and enrolled in Officer Training School.

The couple continued to travel around the US, an enjoyable experience for Tracy, who worked in a number of different jobs in the communications industry.

“In 2015, my wife retired, and we relocated from DC to Boiling Springs to be near family and to enjoy the area,” said Tracy.

Tracy decided that the move and his wife’s retirement would give him a chance to pursue a career in Real Estate, a field he’d been interested in for some time. While some agencies trained new agents, Tracy decided the best way to go would be to pursue a community college continuing education program. He connected with a program representative at Spartanburg Community College, who through casual conversation learned that Tracy’s wife had recently retired from the Air Force.

“We were talking and when I mentioned that my wife was a veteran, she said that there were funds available for veteran spouses. I had to make sure I heard her correctly,” recounted Tracy.

VSF Funds are Available for Veteran Spouses

“The whole application process was short, and I was floored when I found out I had been awarded the funds about a week later.”

Tracy was thrilled to find this unexpected form of financial help at this stage in his life and career. Plus, he feels his instruction at Spartanburg Community College has been vital in his preparedness for entry into this new career. This feeling is bolstered by proof: two agencies have expressed interest in hiring Tracy following successful completion of his licensing exam.

“Having these funds available for veterans and their spouses makes an enormous difference when you’re wavering about the next step. When money’s tight, not having financial support usually means putting it off until later or not pursuing education at all.”