Scott graduated high school early, at 17 years old, and was not exactly sure of what he wanted to do. To give himself some time to figure it out he enrolled in the military, and it was not until 13 years later he would finally decide.

Through his transition into civilian life, Scott took advantage of local veteran programs and organizations, which is how he met Ron and was introduced to the Veteran Scholarships Forever program. This scholarship was crucial in allowing him to continue his education when his Post 9/11 GI Bill wouldn’t cover his certificate program.

Service History

Scott joined the military in 1999 and served for 13 years in many parts of the world. He started as a combat engineer in Fort Riley Kansas, then got deployed to Korea. From there he went to Fort Lewis and in 2003 was deployed to Iraq. After his first Iraq tour he changed his career path and worked as a Behavior Health Specialist, which took him to San Antonio for school and training.

Veteran Scholarship Forever Recipient on a military deployment.

Scott (left) during one of his deployments.

Once he was finished, he headed to Germany before being deployed again to Iraq. Scott was then stationed in Fort Jackson, SC and moved again to work at the National Naval Medical Center, now known as the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Leaving the Military

After working at the Medical Center, Scott had finally figured out what he wanted to do: become a nurse. He left the military and enrolled at Greenville Technical College. His decision to transition back to civilian life came at the perfect time for him and his wife, as they had just found out she was pregnant. Choosing Greenville Tech was an easy choice; it allowed Scott a very short commute between school and home, and the nursing program at Greenville Tech was unbeatable.

Scott got his feet wet in the medical field by getting a phlebotomy certificate first, which would not have been possible without Veteran Scholarships Forever. Scott’s Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits didn’t cover a certificate in phlebotomy. Just as he was about to lose his benefits, a local veteran group, Upstate Warrior Solution, helped Scott get in touch with Ron from Veteran Scholarships Forever. “Chris [from Upstate Warrior Solution] put me in touch with Ron, and his organization was great. I had no issues getting the scholarship, it was a very seamless process,” Scott said.

Veteran Scholarship Forever Recipient with his family.

Transition into Student Life

After his long career in the military, Scott had a smooth transition into student life. “The transition was amazing and I have had so much help transitioning into civilian life. Greenville Tech is really good to vets, they have a great VA department and I seemed to have endless support.”

Scott went on to say that “people tend to forget about local organizations, they think it is just the Wounded Warrior program and that’s it. But there are so many great local organizations here to help vets, you just need to look for them.”

Scott will be graduating this March and he hopes to work in an emergency room as a trauma nurse for several years with a bigger goal of working for the VA.