Early on, Veteran Scholarships Forever decided to make our funds available to veteran spouses. We are awed and grateful that these funds are having the desired impact in the lives of military couples.

Last month, we heard from Vicki, the wife of a Navy veteran who injured his spine during his enlistment. She kindly let us know how the funds, which are being put toward a Medical Billing certificate at York Technical College, have helped the couple remain financially stable throughout financing the certificate program and a major surgery.

Read Vicki’s letter below:

Dear VSF,

I was just recently awarded the Veterans Forever Scholarship. I would first like to express my sincere gratitude in being selected for this scholarship. I have already enrolled in the CBCS Medical Billing and Coding class and I am beyond excited to begin. Taking this class has been something I have wanted to do for quite some time and unfortunately have been unable to do so.

By awarding me this scholarship and allowing me to take this course, I will be able to advance in my career as a medical biller. This means so much to my husband and I, and we are so grateful a scholarship like this exists.

I had started saving a while back for this course, being it is $1995, this would have taken a bit of time. Then the news came out that my husband (US Navy Veteran) would be having his sixth spinal surgery and was written out of work effective immediately; my savings for this course quickly became smaller and smaller.

My desire to become certified was placed on the back burner, until I read about the scholarship.

I will forever be grateful that this type of scholarship is offered for those who defend this country and their spouses who stand by them while they do so. So, thank you again for selecting me. I couldn’t have done this without you.