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7 SC Community Colleges That Offer A Unique Scholarship to Vets

For South Carolina veterans seeking job-ready certifications and training, GI Bill funds may be inaccessible. (Stipulations require using the funds for accredited degree programs.) This is particularly tough on veterans with many financial demands—they often need a better job yesterday!

Veteran Scholarships Forever has set up scholarship funds in 7 community colleges in SC. Our mission? To give veterans the same kind of access to job training programs that the GI Bill gives to degree-seeking veterans.

Our partner colleges offer a wide range of job-specific degrees, programs, and certifications across the state. Learn more about each of these institutions and a few of the best programs available to veterans.

NEW! Midlands Technical College

In addition to degree programs, students at Midlands Tech have access to a huge range of courses, certificates, and certifications to help them get to careers quickly. From landscapers and horticulturists to phlebotomists, veterans can find a best-fit career at Midlands Tech.

Learn about financial aid and other information for veterans at Midlands Tech.

NEW! Florence-Darlington Technical College

With six different Machine Tool programs and three different Welding Tool programs, veterans have plenty of opportunities to get hands-on careers through

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Scholarship Funds Allow Veteran Spouse to Stop Putting Career on Hold

Early on, Veteran Scholarships Forever decided to make our funds available to veteran spouses. We are awed and grateful that these funds are having the desired impact in the lives of military couples.

Last month, we heard from Vicki, the wife of a Navy veteran who injured his spine during his enlistment. She kindly let us know how the funds, which are being put toward a Medical Billing certificate at York Technical College, have helped the couple remain financially stable throughout financing the certificate program and a major surgery.

Read Vicki’s letter below:

Dear VSF,

I was just recently awarded the Veterans Forever Scholarship. I would first like to express my sincere gratitude in being selected for this scholarship. I have already enrolled in the CBCS Medical Billing and Coding class and I am beyond excited to begin. Taking this class has been something I have wanted to do for quite some time and unfortunately have been unable to do so.

By awarding me this scholarship and allowing me to take this course, I will be able to advance in my career as a medical biller. This means so much to my husband and I, and we are so grateful a scholarship like this exists.

I had started saving […]

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Graham Foundation Helps VSF Meet Veteran Needs

Every month, we usually bring you a story about a scholarship recipient and the effect that support has had on their life. However, we wouldn’t be able to provide these scholarships if it wasn’t for the generosity of our donors. The people who give to our organization make everything we do possible, making our dreams — to help veterans not only transition back to civilian life, but thrive — a reality.

In 2015, we reached out to the Graham foundation for a grant that would fund a number of scholarships through Greenville Tech. They responded in kind, providing $20,000 in September of 2015. Steve Lambert, a trustee of the foundation, talked to us about why they chose to provide this grant.

Sam and Steve Sam Lambert (left) and Steve Lambert (right)

“We look first of all to see if an organization is meeting a critical need. We have a particular interest in supporting veterans… they are a group of people that we particularly value and whose wellbeing we particularly care about.”

Steve may be a little biased. His son, Sam, is a veteran sapper from the US army, rank E5. He cares deeply about […]

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Announcing a New Partner College!

New VSF Fund Established at Technical College of the Lowcountry

Last spring, the Technical College of the Lowcountry (TCL) began considering a partnership with us. Thankfully, President Richard J. Gough of TCL, located in Beaufort, SC, had already been looking for ways to connect with the active duty military and veterans just minutes from his doors.

tcl logo

In an official announcement about the partnership, President Gough explains, “[Our] workforce development programs provide vocational and trade training and propel graduates into jobs, sometimes in as little as five weeks. Unfortunately, South Carolina and federal educational aid programs do not cover the cost of these programs, nor does the GI Bill.”

The decision to create a fund for veterans and veteran spouses in need met TCL Leadership’s desire to do more faster for veterans during their time-sensitive transitions into civilian living.

“At TCL, we estimate that up to 5 veterans a month are unable to enter their program of choice due to financial barriers,” says President Gough, “With your help, the Veterans Scholarship Forever Fund aims to help our service men and women who have volunteered themselves and their families in […]

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