After 13 Years of Service VSF Helps Veteran Go to School

Scott graduated high school early, at 17 years old, and was not exactly sure of what he wanted to do. To give himself some time to figure it out he enrolled in the military, and it was not until 13 years later he would finally decide.

Through his transition into civilian life, Scott took advantage of local veteran programs and organizations, which is how he met Ron and was introduced to the Veteran Scholarships Forever program. This scholarship was crucial in allowing him to continue his education when his Post 9/11 GI Bill wouldn’t cover his certificate program.

Service History

Scott joined the military in 1999 and served for 13 years in many parts of the world. He started as a combat engineer in Fort Riley Kansas, then got deployed to Korea. From there he went to Fort Lewis and in 2003 was deployed to Iraq. After his first Iraq tour he changed his career path and worked as a Behavior Health Specialist, which took him to San Antonio for school and training.

Veteran Scholarship Forever Recipient on a military deployment. Scott (left) during one of his deployments.

Once he was finished, he headed […]