7 SC Community Colleges That Offer A Unique Scholarship to Vets

For South Carolina veterans seeking job-ready certifications and training, GI Bill funds may be inaccessible. (Stipulations require using the funds for accredited degree programs.) This is particularly tough on veterans with many financial demands—they often need a better job yesterday!

Veteran Scholarships Forever has set up scholarship funds in 7 community colleges in SC. Our mission? To give veterans the same kind of access to job training programs that the GI Bill gives to degree-seeking veterans.

Our partner colleges offer a wide range of job-specific degrees, programs, and certifications across the state. Learn more about each of these institutions and a few of the best programs available to veterans.

NEW! Midlands Technical College

In addition to degree programs, students at Midlands Tech have access to a huge range of courses, certificates, and certifications to help them get to careers quickly. From landscapers and horticulturists to phlebotomists, veterans can find a best-fit career at Midlands Tech.

Learn about financial aid and other information for veterans at Midlands Tech.

NEW! Florence-Darlington Technical College

With six different Machine Tool programs and three different Welding Tool programs, veterans have plenty of opportunities to get hands-on careers through