Happily Employed Wife, Happy Life: Veteran Spouse Receives Scholarship

Years after dropping out of college due to the expense, Kelci found herself caught in a daily struggle to be the wife and mother she wanted to be.

“My ultimate goal in life is to raise a happy family…But I was working 10+ hours a day at a child care facility caring for two-year olds—by myself. I was stressed and exhausted all the time, which resulted in feelings of guilt about not being the best wife and mother that I could be,” says Kelci.

Kelci had met her husband, Josh, online years earlier.

“While in college, my roommate signed up for a really cheesy dating website and would come home from work every evening and read me some of the hilarious, creepy, and sometimes sweet things the guys of the dating world would send her, ” she recounts.

“Of course, I had to try it for myself! I signed up, and we would read our messages to each other at the end of the day. However, one message stood out to me. I don’t know why, but it actually seemed sincere…and I can’t lie, the fact that he was so selflessly serving our country was a big deal.”

Kelci […]