3 Essential Tips for Veterans Seeking Employment

For veterans, reentry into civilian life is a struggle. They are asked to relate to those who do not understand their experiences; create structure in their lives, filling a gap left by the military; and perhaps worst of all, many soldiers grapple with debilitating mental illnesses, unable to receive the support they so desperately need.

One of the most well known difficulties that veterans face is finding gainful employment. Some reasons for this include:

  • Despite the discipline, experience, and work ethic they gain through their service, veterans often have little to no experience finding a civilian job when they first leave the military.
  • Many veterans may have never interviewed for a civilian job or even written a resume.
  • The military does nothing to prepare vets for the job hunt that will inevitably occur when they come home.

As a result, many veterans have trouble finding and keeping jobs, and civilian employers struggle to understand them.

If you’re a veteran or know one who is seeking employment, the following tips will help guide you through the process of acquiring a job that provides a sense of pride and satisfaction.

1. Translate your skills into terms employers understand.

This is a primary reason why employers don’t hire vets […]